Legendary Professional Development Program

Educators are heroes, but even heroes need good tools. Our Legendary Professional Development Program provides these.

E-Learning Games for Teachers & Students

About Our Program

We offer synchronous and asynchronous in-person and virtual webinars to maximize the use of Legends of Learning.

Introduction to Legends of Learning

A thorough guide to our game-based platform: setting up students, creating playlists, managing assignments, viewing student data, and more.

Legends of Learning Refresher and Feature Updates

This session provides a brief overview of the new features we offer and provides teachers the opportunity to review features that they need additional assistance with.

Quick Start

Short on time? Meet the fastest way to get started with Legends of Learning. This course will not cover all the enhanced features that Legends of Learning offers.

Best Practices for Utilizing Legends of Learning

Intended for teachers familiar with Legends. Discusses instructional practices for effective use of our games.

Effective Use of Legends of 
Learning Data

For those already using Legends. Instructs on analyzing student progress, using our enhanced reports, and making informed decisions.

State Assessment Prep with Legends 
of Learning

In this session, teachers will explore the variety of tools for state assessment preparation.
(District-level licenses only)

A supplemental PD series on why kids love games and leveraging gaming attributes in your classroom is also available but not included in standard licenses.

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