What is Awakening?

Awakening is a multi-player world filled with extraordinarily fun, curriculum-aligned math and science experiences. Students are incentivized to interact with your teacher-approved content through gamified learning. And, you can track the results along the way!

Awakening is not only the most fun educational experience around, the games within are proven to work: Studies by WestEd and Vanderbilt University show that students playing Awakening games at least twice a week have significantly higher achievement than their peers who do not play Awakening.

Increase Achievement in Math & Science with Awakening Game-Based Learning!

Unlimited math and science game access encourages students to have fun learning at school and at home. You can even choose the grade and standard-aligned topics your students will interact with in order to compliment your teaching and lesson plans.

Students can unleash their creativity with unlimited Avatar clothing and hairstyles, all while competing in quiz games and for top spots on leaderboards!
Students can enter the arcade in the Awakening Town or the Math and Science Rooms in the Awakening School. There are over 2000 state curriculum-aligned math and science games available.
When your students play Awakening, you get detailed reports showing their level of mastery and also the time students have spent engaged with specific standards or topics! You will be able to tell how your entire class is doing at a glance!

Awakening has been awarded the 2023 Parent Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com

DID YOU KNOW: In a study by WestEd it was determined that fifth- and eighth-grade students with higher levels of usage of the Legends of Learning in the 2020-21 school year had, on average, higher achievement than their peers with low or no usage of the program in a large school district in the southeastern United States.

Click here to check out the study!

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